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Engineering Productivity: Measure What Matters

July 26, 2020

Measuring engineering productivity should be focused on outcomes and not outputs. This article provides a few ideas on how to go about it on the company, team and individual levels.


On-calls and Incident Response

August 31, 2021

A quick overview on how to set up on-call rotations, on-call playbooks, as well as how to handle incident response and post-mortems.

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Team Charters

March 16, 2021

Team charters are living documents that align team members to a common goal, and inform the organization where they can be most effective.

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Better Quarterly Plannings

October 24, 2020

This article is an attempt in providing a framework for engineering and product teams to reduce the inherent friction and the time required to complete planning cycles.

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Mentoring First-Time Managers

November 2, 2020

Transitioning from a software engineering position to a managerial one can be quite a leap. This article offers a few practical tips you can follow to help new engineering managers succeed.

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The Truth Behind Employee Pulse Surveys

October 28, 2020

Employee Pulse or Satisfaction Survey gives you some metrics on how your organization does in certain areas. To make improvements, you have to dig deeper and get to the truth behind these numbers.

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The Tyranny of Metrics

October 19, 2020

There seems to be a growing trend in technology--and in all aspects of our lives, really--to measure everything: business outcomes, organizational success, and individual performance. But does it improve our lives?


Coach! Football is life.

October 5, 2020

Ted Lasso is one series we all need in 2020. It reminds us that kindness, being nice to each other, can make a difference and what good leadership is like


Manager's Club Interview on Engineering-Management

January 7, 2020

With Vidal Graupera, we've dived into engineering managment, and my background in it.


On Releasing Major Software Versions

November 17, 2020

As software engineers, the goal is always to improve the quality of the software we help develop, especially if other engineers are depending on this quality to complete their own projects. However, these improvements come with a price.

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The Future is Now

October 3, 2023

Generative AI in Support of Developer Experience

developer experiencegenerative ai

ChatGPT on Managing Humans

March 22, 2023

A quick and fun exploration into what ChatGPT thinks about managing humans

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Lessons Learned from Working on a Design System as an Engineering Manager

January 11, 2019

Lessons learned from working on Base Web, Uber's new extensible design system architecture

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Learning Go as a Node.js Developer

February 8, 2018

With Docker and Kubernetes Go got quite some traction - it’s time to learn it!

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