One-on-One Engineering Management Consultation For You
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Need some help with anything engineering management?

I’ve got you covered with a one-on-one consultation. Whether you are just getting into management or you are a seasoned engineering leader who'd like to get an outside perspective, I am here to help.

How the consultation works

  1. Purchase the One-on-One Help Consultation Package
  2. Compile your list of topics for discussion.
  3. Send these to Gergely to help and digest.
  4. Schedule time to go over them when you’re ready.
  5. Optionally, schedule a follow-up to ensure things are progressing correctly.
Get expert help

What's included

  • 14-day email exchange: after our initial conversation, I'll continue helping you over email. I typically respond within 24 hours.
  • Follow-up conversation to check in on your progress
  • Dedicated attention: no more than three clients at a time
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My name is Gergely, and this is where I write about engineering management and open-source.
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