October 2, 2017
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A New Chapter

We founded RisingStack a little bit more than three years ago, back in the summer of 2014. Since then, we had the pleasure to work with companies from all around the world to help them with their Node.js efforts. RisingStack became one of the top companies advocating the usage of Node.js, by publishing tremendous amount of blog posts as well as organizing meetups and conferences - that I am very proud of.

However, for me, this day marks the end of an era and the start of a new chapter, as I'd decided to look for new challenges. RisingStack continues serving the Node.js community, but with a new leadership team.

What's next for me? Iā€™m very excited to share that Iā€™m joining the team of GoDaddy, and Monday is my first day! If you liked my articles on the RisingStack blog, I have good news! šŸ˜Š They will keep coming, but from now on you will find them here, on nemethgergely.com. I plan to write on Node.js, security, and anything that grabs my attention.

Anyway, you can always find me on Twitter, DMs are open and very welcome!

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