Community events

NodeConf Budapest

January 20, 2017

NodeConf Budapest is a one-day (plus a meetup/nodeschool day on the day before), single-track conference with a laser focus on what people need to know about Node.js.

It brings together the sharpest minds from the enterprise with the industry’s leading software development heavyweights and the finest talent that Budapest has to offer.

JSConf Budapest 2016

May 12-13, 2016

We aim to be the JSConf of the region around Eastern-Middle Europe, an area so diverse in culture, people and views.

JSConf Budapest 2015

May 14-15, 2015

A strictly nonprofit, open-sourced and community driven conference for the community of JavaScript, with the purpose to build and educate about new technologies, ideas and culture.

One-shot Budapest

November 21, 2014

ONE-SHOT is a one day single track speaker series presented by NodeConf.

Node.js Budapest Meetup

2013 - 2017

Node.js for beginners, experts and everyone who loves javascript.

JIFASNIF - JavaScript is fun, and so Node is fun.

JavaScript Budapest Meetup

2015 - 2016